Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gokujo 2

Here it is another new project for us, it's a yuri but its very funny as well as a Seinen manga. Sai-go enjoys translating it, because of the high school girls lol ;)

For some reason the previous groups skipped chapter 2, so we decided to do that chapter first.

Chapter 2:


  1. And you have my sincere thanks gentleman!

    See Ya

  2. Nice work, thanks so much for picking up Gokujo!

  3. thank you so much for picking this up! i was seriously bummed when the other group doing it stopped doing new chapters - the anime was a wonderful mix of ridiculousness, psychosis, and stupidity which was completely unafraid to cross all barriers of good taste, and the manga looks to be even better!

  4. Fantastic stuff!
    I was thinking about trying to scanlate this myself, but as I've never scanlated anything or been part of a group before I was lost.

    Now I don't have to.

    You have earned my profound thanks and deep admiration gentlemen.

  5. Anyone can help me by uploading chapter 1? the previous group's website had closed down. thanks guys

  6. Hello everyone, your welcome and thank you for all of your comments we appeciate it.

    Hope you don't mind but we won't be able to update it fast since our translator has a hard time translating it due to all of the slang.

    Miyazuki: you can find chapter 1 & 3 on a site called Batoto

    Fancylad: you can always just join us

    Everyone Thank You!!